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Information on the 29th Edition of the Bulletin «Russian Criminological Outlook» № 1 (29)

In 2012 at Moscow State Juridical Academy by O. E. Kutafin Press the 29th Edition of the quarterly of scientific practical journal «Russian Criminological Outlook» («RCO») of 1050 copies of circulation. The Edition was signed on March 30, 2012.

The following rubrics are presented in the 29th edition of «RCO»: 1) Address to the reader; 2) Personalities; 3) Bibliophile’s boon; 4) Criminological manuscripts in edition; 5) Criminology’s directions in doctoral theses; 6) Theory and history of criminology and law; 7) Criminal penology; 8) criminological outlook of philologist; 9) Young criminologist’s outlook; 10) Young jurist’s tribune; 11) Critical criminology; 12) Artistic experience of criminologist; 13) Information about the authors; 14) Annotations, key words, clause-by-clause bibliography; 15) Ad notam to the authors.

The authors of the Edition: 1) Avanesov G.A.; 2) Antonyan Y.M.; 3) Babaev M.M.; 4) Boytsov B.V.; 5) Vandyshev E.P.; 6) Vakhmistrov E.P.; 7) Galustyan O.A.; 8) Gevorkyan S.K.; 9) Golombajte Y.M.; 10) Dobkina E.A.; 11) Dolganov A.V.; 12) Domnikov A.S.; 13) Zuikov G.G.; 14) Ivantsov S.V.; 15) Ivasyuk O.N.; 16) Katchurina E.B.; 17) Kvashis v. E.,; 18) Kudryavtsev v. N.; 19) Lantsov P.P.; 20) Lebedev S.Y.; 21) Luneev v. V.; 22) Orlov v. N.; 23) Ostroumov S.S; 24) Prokurova N.S.; 25) Sidorenko E.L.; 26) Starkov O.V.; 27) Tess L.V.; 28) Uvarov B.I.; 29) Utkin v. A.; 30) Fadeev v. N.; 31) Cherny A.I.; 32) Shaforost v. A.; 33) Yakovlev A.M.

Reading, who desire to get more information about the Edition in «Journal option can download for free: information about the Bulletin, Edition and Bibliography of the 29th Edition (P. 1–4), Contents (P. 5–7), Information about the Authors (P. 467–469), Annotation, Key Words and Clause-by-clause Bibliography (P. 470–494), the Order of Reviewing Article and Materials in the Bulletin (P. 495–497), Conditions and Requirements of Publication in the Bulletin (P. 498-500).

Orlov V. N.,
The Deputy Editor-in-Chief