Q & A

  • 29 August 2012 г.

    Dear Edition,
    Do you take for publication in the following editions the Reviews by the opponents, leading organization to the theses, which were defended earlier?

    Konstantin Victorovich Obrajiev,
    Candidate of Law

  • 30 August 2012 г.

    Dear Konstantin Victorovich,
    In the following editions we can publish the Reviews by the opponents, leading organizations to the theses, which were defended earlier in case they do not violate author’s rights of the opponents or other persons.

    Vladislav Nikolaevich Orlov,
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief

  • 03 July 2012 г.

    Dear Editorial Board,
    Can you publish the materials of one author in three editions one by one?

    Oleg Ivanovitch Korostylev,
    Candidate of Law

  • 04 July 2012 г.

    Dear Oleg Ivanovitch,
    It is possible to publish the materials by one author in three editions one by one on conditions that these articles correspond to the rubrics of the editions according to their contents, volume and other requirements.

    Vladislav Nikolaevitch Orlov,
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief