About the Bulletin

General information

Scientific practical journal «Russian Criminological Outlook» is a quarterly federal edition. It was founded in 2004 by v. N. Orlov, A.v. Petrovsky, B. M. Sinelnikov, O.v. Starkov, M. A. Udovydchenko at the North-Caucasian State University. It is registered at the State Committee of Russian Federation on Press. Certificate of registration as a means of mass media if PI № 77–17902, given out on April 8, 2004.

The Bulletin is included into the List of the leading reviewed scientific bulletins and editions in law, which are to publish the basic scientific results of the theses of candidate and doctor of law. Federal edition «Russian Criminological Outlook» is to be signed for. The sign index of the bulletin according to the catalogue of the Agency «Rospechat» for a half of a year — 83362; for a year — 48517.

You can refer to the web-site http://criminology.ru/ ; http://криминология.рф. In case you have questions about the availability and signing for the bulletin in its electronic version.

The works on criminality, delinquent behavior and its types, causes, conditions and prevention of criminality, personality of a criminal are published.

There are more than 50 rubrics in the bulletin.

The Editorial Board of the bulletin includes: Editor-in-Chief — Starkov O.V.; Deputy Editor-in-Chief — Orlov v. N.; Editor-in-Chief Substitute — Grishko A.Y., Matskevich I.M., Pobegailo E.F.; Editorial Board — Anisimkov v. M., Babaev M.M, Vilks A.Y., Voskobitova L.A., Gilinsky Y.I., Golik Y.v. , Gorshenkov G.N., Jurich A.B., Koretsky D.A., Kostenko A.N., Lebedev S.Y., Luneev v. V., Maksimov S.v. , Mejko G., Milyukov S.F., Minenok M.G., Narikbaev M.S., Nomokonov v. A., Rarog A.I., Seliverstov v. I., Sibiryakov S.L., Filimonov O.v. , Shestakov D.A., Eminov v. E.; Secretaries in response: Sidorenko E.L., Zakalyapin D.v. , Skiba A.P.; Assistant: Maguza A.O.

Materials for publication, offers and notes are to be sent: 1) printed or manuscript — to Orlov Vladislav Nikolaevitch, Apart. 17, 22, Kremenchugskaya St., Moscow, 121357; 2) electronic version: olegstar@mail.ru; vlad-orlov@mail.ru.

Orlov V. N.,
Deputy Editor-in-Chief