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General Information


Criminological library is the first private electronic specialized one. Criminological library (hereinafter — library) was founded in 2012. the following departments function now in the library (its contents can change: 1) monographs; 2) courses; 3) course books; 4) comments; 5) manuals; 6) lections; 7) journals; 8) selected articles; 9) abstracts; 10) theses papers; 11) library of the bulletin «Russian Criminological Outlook»; 12) library of the Union of criminalists and criminologists.

Today the library includes more than 100 works. The readers have a unique possibility to use these works staying at home, auditory, office, café, etc, practically at any place and at any time of a day or night.

Library includes editions and manuscripts on criminology, criminal law, criminal executive law and other sciences, disciplines of criminological cycle. As usually, library accepts works being officially edited and according to the definite requirements. Works are to be used for charge and for free. The librarian helps to transfer your manuscript into an electronic version to be put in the library.

The Administration of the library is eager to know everything that can help to perfect its activity. Thus, we do not have possibility to carry on correspondence, send the works, manuscripts, disks being edited or not back. We can solve the arousing questions on the phone or by e-mail.

Works, edited in the library are interesting to scientists, practical workers, teachers, post-graduate students, military post-graduate students and others, interested in criminality counteraction.

Editions and manuscripts to be edited in the library, should be sent to: 1) printed or manuscript to Orlov Vladislav Nikolaevitch Apart. 17, 22 Krementchugskaya St., Moscow 121357; 2) electronic version to e-mail:

You can get the information if your work is accepted or not on the phone: (499) 445-14-13; 8-915-051-16-15 Orlov Vladislav Nikolaevitch.