Why do authors publish articles here?

  1. The Bulletin has been 10 years in the market of the printed mass media;
  2. it is registered at State Committee of Russian Federation on Mass Media (Mass Media registration certificate ПИ № 77–17902, April 8, 2004);
  3. it is included to the List of High Attestation Committee, i.e. the List of Russian reviewed scientific journals, which are to publish basic scientific results of the candidate and doctoral theses research;
  4. available to subscription in «Rospechyat» Agency (for half of a year — 83362; for a year — 48517) and Scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU;
  5. includes more than 70 rubrics;
  6. more than 1000 articles published;
  7. works by outstanding scientists and well-known criminologists are published;
  8. members of the Editorial Board are Doctors of Law, honored scientific workers of RF, leading criminologists of Russia and some foreign countries;
  9. assistance in composing of the annotation to the article, key words and translation into English is available;
  10. the Bulletin is available in the INet;
  11. the information about the authors and the articles (accepted, published, etc.) is available on the web-site;
  12. one author’s sample is available for free.