To the Authors

General Information

Scientific practical journal «Russian Criminological Outlook» is edited 4 times a year (quarterly). Every edition includes 500 pages.

The bulletin includes the following rubrics: address to the reader; address to the Editorial Board; congratulations; jubilees; following the jubilee; events; personalities; union of criminalists and criminologists; bibliophile’s boon; original history of criminology; criminological heritage of Russian migration; theory and practice of criminology and law; candidate thesis at the level of a doctoral one; criminological directions in doctoral theses; criminological manuscripts in edition; lection by professor; criminal theology; criminal globalistics; family criminology; juvenile criminology; criminal penology; criminal violencology; cyber criminology; ethnical criminology; drugs criminology; victimology; eco criminology; military criminology; cultural criminology; economical criminology; gender criminology; criminology of criminal professionalism; criminological outlook of a criminologist; criminological outlook of a proceduralist; criminological outlook of a philologist; criminological outlook of an economist; criminal axiology; criminal psychology; criminological pedagogies; managerial criminology; criminological legislation; comparative criminology; foreign criminology; criminological practice; criminological statistics; criminological idioms; young criminologist’s outlook; young jurist’s tribune; criminological bibliography; critical criminology; artistic experience of a criminologist; necrologies; annotations, key words and clause-by-clause bibliography; ad notam to the authors.

The Editorial Board of the bulletin assists in composing the annotation to the article, defining the key words and its translation into English.

Articles and other materials of every edition are available in the Internet at the web-site of the bulletin (; http://криминология.рф/). The materials are interesting to scientific, practical workers, teachers, post-graduate and military post-graduate students, and all the others interested in criminality counteraction.

Materials for publication, offers and notes are to be sent: 1) printed or manuscript — to Orlov Vladislav Nikolaevitch, Apart. 17, 22, Kremenchugskaya St., Moscow, 121357; 2) electronic version:;

Orlov v. N.,
Deputy Editor-in-Chief